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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Having all Kinds of Fun

Pat Soul Cat Toner came in last week.  We hadn't seen each other in 35 years.  Since we both worked at The Best Inn on Roselle Street in Linden, NJ.  He was playing in a Band Midnight Thunder,  I was running the concession and helped book the Bands.

Soul Cat recently released an original album called New Horizons.  It is on ITunes.  He has the 1970's Sound Down,  with Authority. He is a very good singer and sings all his own original tunes.

Gary Tripps (Gary Trippedi)  played with Willie Nile a couple of weeks ago.  He does an excellent Saxaphone Solo on ONE Guitar,  that is the name of Willie's best song.

Willie Nile now has the number one selling album in America.  It is called American Ride. He is on iTunes.

Gary started out playing in the yard of Santillo's Pizza in the 1970's.  He remembers playing for my brother Vinny's Birthday one year. 

RAVE ON BAND   Starring Chris Roselli actually played right here in our waiting room just for me a couple of months back.  I recorded the show live.  Two of their best players  Nick DelGuidice and Steve Cardullo became best friends with us after they stopped by in May.  We went to see them play June 25 in Yogi Berra Stadium.

Movie Actor Clem Caserta who starred in all the Dinero Films is an old friend and a frequent visitor.  He added me to his Facebook feed.  Now every time he puts a post on Facebook my name gets mentioned. He gave me a bunch of autographed pictures of the best scenes in Movie History.

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