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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

About Reheating Santillo's Pizza

Santillo's Brick Oven Pizza improves with age for up to five days if properly stored.  I know of many different ways to wrap and store the pizza. They all have their own qualities to impart the pizza.

Firstly, I would say that a good customer keeps his in a special Tupperware container meant for celery. I suppose any kind would do.  I would however, if there was air space remaining in the container prefer to also cover the pizza with something, also.  Such as, maybe a wax paper or piece of plastic wrap just to keep the air off it.
Secondly, you could leave it right in the box it came in.  However, this could dry out after a couple days if you open the refrigerator often. So open the box and cover it with plastic.  You could use aluminum, but it might coalesce with the cheese, not good.
Thirdly, you could take two slices at a time back to back and put these into a glad bag, Good.
I use Tidy Wax (to absorb moisture) then aluminum foil if I am going that route.
Santillo's Brick Oven Pizza is 100% Made Fresh From Scratch everyday.  Like all Italian Food when it ages it marinates and as a result improves in flavor.

Re-heating your Santillo's Brick Oven Pizza.  I leave that up to you.  However, if you persist I can recommend never heat it in a microwave oven.  It turns pizza into plastic.
I think a toaster oven one slice at a time is fine.  Also, many people now have a convection oven which I think is fine.

A regular household oven is fine.  It's use depends on how you like your consistency.  If you don't mind somewhat limp pizza.  You could simply turn the oven on, place your slice or two in then turn the oven on.  By the time the oven is hot the slice will be ready.  This is also a fast method.

Preheat  the household oven to 400 degrees then place pizza in on a preheated cookie sheet brings a good result, also.

Oven Stones.  I have yet not personally seen One that I am satisfied with it's results in baking.  It might be fine to reheat on, though.  Not enough experience to really judge.
The Fire Brick which I use in Santillo's Brick Oven are expensive.  These are all that I use and pay dearly for when I need replacement bricks.
However, If you need only one they should cost $30.00 for a one square foot brick. I could get them if anyone were interested. They are truly a marvel to behold.  One brick is very heavy, they are made out of ultra-purified clay that is then fired to 3,000 degrees.  An impossibly high temperature.  This makes the brick so strong that it can literally be used for hundreds of years under normal temperatures.

How the Magic Brick works is, you preheat the brick at a high a temp as your oven will allow for maybe an hour.  Or as your experience dictates.  You would then turn down the oven temperature to maybe 300 degrees.  Now place your product directly on the brick for a truly unique experience . Now you are baking like a pro.  See if you can develop a taste for that and you will be rewarded with delectable morsels until time immemorial.

Other benefits of the True Fire Brick.  You could just leave it on the bottom of your oven all the time.  Let it live there.  What this will do is allow your oven burner to come on less often during the time you are actually using it to bake whatever you are baking.  Less burner running means for even, consistent and better finished product.

Call me for baking tips.  I will try to answer your questions.

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