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Monday, April 8, 2013


So, Yesterday I make a Large Sicilian Pizza with  Sausage.  It was like 11:30 AM  then Customer calls back and cancels. Not to worry he wants to still pay, so O.K..  Now the Pie sits in the Pizza Bag for hours, after a while I go and open the lid on the box so some air can circulate through the box and allow the pie to air dry naturally. Several hours later still i remove the pie from the pizza bag and place it on a shelf. All day long now the pie is sitting out.  It is twelve slices so there is enough for anyone else to have a slice or two, whoever is around.
So, Now it is about 10:00 PM   I still want something to eat.  I had two slices of cold pie which had been aging and airing since the Morning.  It tasted so good that I decided to have a third slice.  This third slice I place in the Brick Oven to warm it up a bit.  A couple of minutes later I am eating my third slice hot out of the oven.
You know what?  The pizza that I reheated tasted great, but the cold pizza (which was actually room temp) tasted even better.  I was like WOW !  Holy WOW!  I don't even understand and I should understand. I don't know how to explain it.  It's like Magic. Just like Magic.  It is unexplainable!.

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